That’s Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Dog On The Walk.

The dog is man’s best friend. It can keep its owner company, help him walk if he is blind, serve as a method of therapy for some illness. Likewise, also brighten the environment you are in.

This friendship has lasted for centuries, and that is why the animal is considered man’s best friend. In addition to keeping their owners company, dogs are capable of saving lives. People realize that their dogs are concerned for the well-being of their owners and would try to save them if need be.

And just as our pet wants our well-being, we want his. Sometimes we may feel that we are fawning over or deciding what is best for him, but that may not always be true. So we have to learn what is good or not for our pet, and what is necessary for him to have a better life.


All dog owners know that their pet needs to get out of the house and take a walk. But during this round they can have different behaviors. For example, there are those dogs that like to sniff every flower, stone, tree or whatever object in their path.

If your pet has this behavior, it is important to know this factor. According to experts, it is important that the owner does not rush the animal when it is sniffing something.

Although these breaks are not a bother on those walks that have no time to finish, they can be complicated when the return with the dog has to be faster and the animal ends up wasting time sniffing things.

However, it is important for owners to understand the many ways in which a dog can benefit from doing this environmental investigation. Getting to understand this, with luck, owners will have more patience with their pet when it’s time to go out for a walk.

Don’t rush

Longer walks not only help to burn off all the extra fat and energy from the dog, but also give the animal the opportunity to analyze the world around it.

“Dogs were born to smell! They have a very keen sense of smell and have adapted sensory abilities over thousands of years and use this to investigate their surroundings,” explained Dr. Gabrielle Fadl.

This means that when your dog takes the time to sniff all things while walking, he is actually discovering a lot of information and learning about his surroundings.

According to experts, dogs’ sense of smell is approximately 10 times sharper than that of humans. Because of this, this sense, in animals, is the driver and works as a GPS for how pets will interact with the world.

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